Avenue in the clouds.

I was asked to pick Erik up from Chilliwack, and so I used the Tomahawk.
Glacier Air's maintenance is done at Chilliwack and so with the amount of flying the Cessnas and the Citabria do these trips are common and the best way to carry out the logistics has to be found.
Above, we are on a direct track to Squamish between the clouds, the magenta line is a little difficult to spot between the trees, and doesn't show up well on the snow.

High view of the lake.

Wednesday 22nd began with seven splashes in Clowhom Lake in the Cessna 182.
We practiced rolling the floats out of the water as well as alightings and takeoffs with various degrees of flaps, and zero flaps of course.

Glassy water

Sitting on the water for a moment's relief.

Final approach.
There are three log stumps we used to demark our alighting area on the water.

On our final departure of course I gave Allan a surprise Engine Failure After Take Off (EFATO) which he handled very well.
Later I talked to him on the radio as he returned from Seaton Lake after practicing what he'd learned in the morning. I was in the Warrior high overhead.

The Tomahawk poses as it awaits me.

There's always something to see when flying circuits, it never gets boring.

There were two sessions of circuits for me to do before Emidio, who had come up by bus, could fly me back in the Tomahawk to Boundary Bay.
That's him standing on the grass.

Emidio flew at 4,500 feet over Vancouver Airport when he took me back to Boundary Bay.

Base leg for 25 at Boundary Bay.

It was to be a long day.
Took off at 19:06 in the Warrior from Boundary Bay to do a scenic flight with Daryl and Irene in the Warrior.
One needs to be careful late in the evening when hard sunshine creates dark shadows within the mountains, and so a higher altitude was maintained as the Sun lowered.

We flew up the Pitt River Valley to Garibaldi Lake.

Reflections of beauty.

Back to the Lions, descending to six thousand feet to be below controlled airspace.

23rd May, I flew with Ted in the Chipmunk to Hope where we did a couple of touch and goes.

Final approach at Hope

Back at Boundary Bay the first flight was cut short when we heard a loud howl after takeoff.
'Could not find the source of this noise which went away after ten seconds.

Did six circuits with Daryl on the second flight and all was well with the world.
The different lengths are due to ATC requirements to accommodate traffic.

The flight back

I had a fifteen hour connection in Toronto.

Took the Union to Pearson train (UP) into town and back. $12.35 each way.

Visited Fort York.

British troops burned the White House down in retaliation.
In more recent times USAF F15s invaded Canadian airspace to intercept incoming airliners.
Independent Canada no longer has British protection from the Americans.

Walked to the City Centre (Island) Airport named for WW1 ace Billy Bishop.

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