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It's been a long time since I updated this webpage... I've been travelling and I have written a report about it. Link at bottom of this page.

Today I took Naruk to Eastern Airpark which beside's the cats and dogs is somewhat remote and perhaps a little boring for her... I suggested she go flying with George in the J3 Cub... She declined... But I'm a persuasive person and so finally she agree to go for one circuit.
Of course the circuit was as far as the beach and they were gone for a little while.
Naruk came back with a big smile, and so the persuasion had paid off.

Next it was my turn and George gave me the back seat, so I went up for 25 minutes, did some turns, a stall and three circuits. I miss doing a lot of flying here in Thailand and so I wonder how my skills have deteriorated.
The first landing and second landing were degrees off full three points, but my third was a perfect greaser of a spot on three point landing, so perhaps not all has been lost.
I let George know that I wasn't feeling in the best of health. There are three elements: the fall in Portugal that has meant my left hand being painful, the effects of jet lag perhaps combined with waking up with said hand!, and a general state of concern over my future.
I have left Canada where my future was clearly going to be dire, came to Bangkok where I earn the least amount of money I have worked for anywhere before, and now what?
I regard the current job as being not long term, I can't afford it to be long term!
It's a change of life, giving up things that have been interesting, but which have not resulted in a comfortable life and a reasonably assured old age; and trying something else, which is even less likely to pay off. All these are assaults on my health and well being.

It seems that I can still fly an aeroplane well.

Here's a link to the trip report

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