Bucker BU131B Jungmann G ATJX
Built Altenrhein Switzerland 1939, A20, Hirth HM 504 engine 105 Hp

G ATJX just north of Redhill on a winter's day, pilot Michael Peare, photo by Colin Boardman
The Jungmann has the best control harmony, very sensitive, delightfully aerobatic. I've flown the APM
Jungmann with the Lycoming 0-320 (HB UUA), the 125 Tigre engine (G CDRU), and the 150 Tigre
engine (D ENNN). The best balanced was the Hirth engined aeroplane the others being nose heavy.
All Jungmanns are gorgeous to fly.

Jungmann outside the Condor Club hangar.
Unlike a lot of biplanes this aeroplane was snug
in the winter with few drafts to make you
feel uncomfortable.
The Hirth HM 504 A10 engine I found in
Stuttgart and fitted at Stapleford Tawney.
This 105 HP engine was self contained with its
oil tank in the crankcase lid. A double float
in the carb allowed inverted flight, and roller
bearings on the little and big ends that allowed
a 50% overspeed of the engine, normal max
RPM = 2530. The exhaust exited forward to
avoid any petrol that might leak especially since
you got a massive flame at zero G, (like in knife
edge flight)..
The Jungmann was well engineered for
maintenance tasks.

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